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Tourist Information
Visitor Attractions

Jim Clark Room

Greenknowe Tower

Edin's Hall Broch

Cranshaws Parish Church

Duns Law
Site of an Iron Age settlement

Duns Mercat Cross
The Market Cross was a symbol of the town's commercial and civil standing.

Eccles Parish Churchyard
The mediaeval church dedicated to St Andrew was replaced by the present building in 1774.

Cranshaws Parish Church
The original church was severely neglected after the Reformation.

Crosshall Cross, Eccles
This cross was erected so that travellers would know that they were approaching the boundary of Eccles Nunnery.

Edrom Church
Very highly carved Romanesque doorway.

Edin's Hall Broch
One of a very limited number of Iron Age brochs in the lowlands of Scotland.

Fuchsia Scene - The Fuchsia Centre
Small specialist Fuchsia centre.

Greenknowe Tower
A handsome four storey tower house.

Hume Castle
A simple courtyard castle of the 13th century.

Jim Clark Room
Museum dedicated to the life of Jim Clark.

Manderston House
A fine combination of Georgian style and Edwardian practicality.

Swinton Village Green and Market Cross
The original village dates back to the 11th century.

Edrom Nurseries
Old established nursery which has a specialist alpine range.

Polwarth Parish Church
This church was built in 1703 and replaced the mediaeval church of "Poulworth".

Preston Bridge
This fine bridge dates from 1770.

Preston Old Parish Church and Graveyard
The first Preston Church was built in the 12th century.

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