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Tourist Information
Hotels and Guest Houses

Duns Castle

St Albans, Clouds, Duns

Barniken House Hotel, 18 Murray Street, Duns (Visit Scotland 1star Inn)

The Hunt Guest House, 19 Newtown Street Duns (Visit Scotland Await Insp)

Allanton Inn, Allanton, by Duns (Visit Scotland 3star Inn)

Chirnside Hall Country House Hotel, Chirnside (Visit Scotland 4star Small Hotel)

Chirnside Inn, Chirnside, by Duns

Eildon Guest House, Longformacus, Duns

Green Hope Guest House, Ellemford, by Duns

Duns Castle, Duns

Plough Hotel, Leitholm, by Duns (Visit Scotland 2star Inn)

The Wheatsheaf, Swinton, by Duns (Visit Scotland 4star Restaurant with Rooms)

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