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Duns News and Calendar

Duns News and Calendar

Do you wish to advertise your event? Do you wish to report on the outcome of your meeting or event? Let us help! All not-for-profit clubs and organisations are welcome to make use of both this section and the Organisations section. This is a free service! If you wish material put into the calendar please contact us via the Contact page with your e-mail address and we will get back to y ... [more]


Jim Clark Trust 50th Anniversary Plans

The programme over the weekend of 7 & 8 April 2018 is a collaboration between The Jim Clark Trust, Club Lotus, Live Borders and Chirnside Common Good Association. Details at: 50th Anniversary Plans ... [more]


Jim Clark Room Plans

The idea for moving the Museum into the old High School has been dropped and an extension to the existing premises has been put forward. The new Museum should be open in time for the 50th anniversary of Jim's death at Hockenheim in Germany. Latest News Plans approved. ... [more]


Crowdfunding for Jim Clark Museum Extension

With the announcement that Planning Permission has been given to carry out the work needed to extend the existing museum, fundraising is now essential and urgent. To find out more about the Crowd Funding process, and to contribute: Jim Clark Museum Crowdfunding ... [more]


Wojtek Statue Unveiled in Duns

A Statue of Wojtek was unveiled in Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh, and now one has been unveiled in Duns Square on Sunday 24th April 2016. Wojtek - dubbed the "Soldier Bear" - was adopted by Polish troops and helped them carry ammunition at the Battle of Monte Cassino. After the war he lived in Scotland at Hutton in Berwickshire, before ending his days in Edinburgh Zoo. The St ... [more]


Gavinton Community Cinema Project

Gavinton community cinema project A truly fantastic experience Like us on Facebook.com/gavintoncinema to keep up to date. Would you like your video shown on a big screen? If you are a video maker or part of a video group? Any kind of video, experimental, documentary, installation - anything can be considered. contact Gavinton Community Cinema Project. Barry Phethean <cinemagav@ya ... [more]


Wood You Believe It?

Not a spelling error, but a fascinating piece of craftsmanship, well worth space on the Duns website. Jim Clark's 1965 Lotus 33b hand-carved from mahogany! My name is Gary Tatman, I'm a 53 yr. old millwork installation foreman by trade. I'm also a racing enthusiast, who was given a carving knife at age 6 by my grandfather (I still have the knife), so we might spend afternoons tur ... [more]


Open Doors Coffee Mornings

Held on Thursday mornings between 9.30am and 11.30am in the Duns Youth Centre, 14 South St, Duns. £1.50 inc tea/coffee and home baking. All welcome Proceeds to Youth Centre Funds 01890 884198 ... [more]


Calendar of Events

... [more]



Items below have been kept for possible future reference. ... [more]


Voytek the Soldier Bear

Niedêiedê Ýoùnierz o imieniu Wojtek by Garry Paulin with illustrations by Sophie Stubbs ISBN: 978-0-9558295-0-5 Due out on 23rd February, is the much heralded book about Voytek, the Soldier Bear, who was stationed near Duns with the Polish forces during the second world war. It is in English and Polish. Priced at £7.99 it is available direct (order on www.voytekbear.com) or from McGrego ... [more]


"Polish Soldiers in the Borders 1942 - The Present Day."

Recently published by the Duns & District Twinning Association with Zagan in Poland, this book details the relationship between the Polish soldiers who came to join the Allied Forces, who fought with us, and who lived on in the area after the war and the local community. Compiled by Brigid McEwen, this book records for posterity memories of these events which would otherwise have died with th ... [more]


Anyone Know Anything about Ninian Davidson, Clockmaker?

An enquiry has come in to the guestbook about the above. Have a look at: Ninian Davidson Enquiry If you can, please copy any response to the enquiry to the Duns Guestbook. ... [more]


Duns Primary School - Inspectorate Report

Much has been written about the contents of the report which was made public on 2nd October 2007. To read the actual report: Duns Primary School Inspector's report ... [more]


Greenlaw Maid Festival and the Restoration Programme

BBC filming Greenlaw Maid Festival. This year’s Greenlaw Fayre Day promises to be one of the most exciting events in recent times, with the news that the BBC are coming to film the revival of the Greenlaw Maid Festival. But why so much interest in Greenlaw? Well, ever since Endemol, the television production company which produces the “Restoration” series for the BBC, took an active interes ... [more]


Can You Help Thomas Darling?

My Great Great Grandfather was from Duns, Scotland. His name was Henry Darling. Do you have any suggestions or emails of who I might contact to gather additional information on him. He was a wool exporter who moved his family to Canada and eventually became the first treasurer of General Electric Company. Thomas Darling ... [more]


K.O.S.B. Memorial Window Unveiled

The Stained Glass window in memory of Lt Col Peter Gow of the King's Own Scottish Borderers was unveiled during this morning's service in Duns Parish Church. Designed by Douglas Hogg from Gordon, it is the first stained glass to be unveiled in the church for over a hundred years. ... [more]



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Last Update: 17/03/2019

Duns News and Calendar

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