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Duns Castle Nature Reserve

Duns Castle Nature Reserve

This reserve is contained within what was a glacial drainage channel. The Hen Poo' and the Mill Dam were created during extensive landscaping work done in the 18th century. These ponds are used by mute swans and various duck which appear in numbers at certain times of the year.

The surrounding woodland is home to both green and great spotted woodpeckers and many of the local smaller birds including goldcrest. Redstarts have been recorded there. Roe deer, badger and red squirrel are to be found too. In season, butterflies and moths flit around the wood edge.

On a summer's day a walk round the nature reserve is a pleasant way to spend a spare hour.

Duns Law

This small hill, which is 713 feet high, overlooks parts of the town and also Duns Castle It is famous for the fact that it was on this hill that General Leslie, with his covenanting army of 12,000 men, camped in 1639 during their successful campaign to stop Charles I replacing the Scottish Kirk by the Church of England. The cairn marks the spot where the men took their Oath of Allegiance to the 'Covenant for Religion, Crown and Country'. The remains of their defences can be seen on the summit. There, too, are signs of the fortifications left by the much earlier inhabitants of the hill - from the Iron Age farming community.

Duns Town Trail

The Duns Town Trail has been set up by Scottish Borders Council and Scottish Borders Tourist Board. The aim is to welcome the visitor to Duns and provide an added dimension to local history and a flavour of the town's development.

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