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Local Information
Duns Public Park

Duns Public Park

To the South of the town, with the main entrance off Station Road, lies the Public park.

In times past this land was part of the bog which protected the South entry to the town. The land was bought by Andrew Smith of Whitchester, in 1891, who then gifted it to the town. This same gentleman paid for the Mercat Cross to be erected in the park, before its last move to the Square.

The cost of turning the bog into the Park were borne by Sir William Miller, as was the cost of railings and gates.

The imposing gates give entry to a wide open space fringed with mature trees, the tennis Courts and the Bowling Green. The gates have coats of arms on them, the central ones with the arms of Duns, the side ones the arms of Sir William Miller of Manderston (on the left) and of John Smyth (on the right). Facing the gates is the War Memorial. To the left is the statue of Duns Scotus and further along on the left is the Polish War Memorial. Beyond that are the Tennis Courts. To the right of the gates is the path to the Bowling Green.

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