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Duns and its Churches
Duns Parish Church

Duns Parish Church

Situated to the south of The Square, the church has an extensive cemetery. Access to the kirkyard and the church grounds is through an insignificant gate on the east side.

In the kirkyard, one can see examples of the different spelling of the town name - 'Duns' pre 1720; 'Dunse' 1720 - 1882; 'Duns' again since; all, of course, allowing for the erratic spelling which can appear on older gravestones, due to the writing that the mason had been asked to copy being mis-spelled.

The first records of a church are of a parson, named Patrick, in 1116, and there is a fairly complete record of parsons, rectors and ministers from then onwards. The original church building was probably in about the same place as the present one, being on what was the edge of town. The present building replaced one which was demolished in 1790. Unfortunately, that church was extensively damaged by fire in 1879. The restored church is the one we see today.

Robert Burns was a visitor to the church on 6th May 1787, when he was staying the Ainslie family at Berrywell. It is reputed that the idea for 'To a Louse' may have come to him during the sermon that Sunday.

The King's Own Scottish Borderers Window

The church hall was built at the end of the 18th century as the Parish School and schoolmasters house.

The congregations of Duns Parish Church and the Boston Memorial Church united in 1953, after which, the Boston Church became redundant.

Church Services
Sunday Worship - 11.00 am
Creche and Sunday Club

Web site: www.dunsparishchurch.org.uk

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