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Local Information
Duns and its Churches

As with many country areas, Duns has had its full range of churches, particularly at the time of the Disruption when a range of non-established churches sprang up.

In 1866, Rutherford, in his Southern Counties Register and Directory, records that Duns had:

The Parish Church - on its present site.

Boston Free Church - sited in Station Road where Boston Court now stands.

United Presbyterian Church (East) - sited at 53 Easter Street. Converted into a cinema in 1932, damaged by fire and demolished in about 1960.

United Presbyterian Church (South) - sited in Currie Street. It is now used as a carpet warehouse and shop.

United Presbyterian Church (West) - sited at 13/14 Clouds. Now two houses.

Episcopalian Church - on its present site.

In addition, there are records of the Hospital and Chapel of St Mary Magdalene from 1275 until all trace disappeared in 1808, when the area was cleared.

The Brethren had a meeting place at 25 The Square for almost 100years, the Faith Mission Hall was at 14 South Street, and there was a Methodist presence in the town in about 1800.

Today, there is still the Parish Church, the Scottish Episcopal Church in Teindhillgreen, and the Roman Catholic Church at Bridgend, which was opened in 1883.

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