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History of Duns
The Mercat Cross

The Mercat Cross

Standing on the South side of the Market Square, the Mercat Cross represents the status of Duns. Created a Burgh of Barony in 1489, Duns was thereafter entitled to hold an annual fair on the Monday after the Feast of Trinity. Market days were held on Tuesdays; there were monthly sales of fat cattle and sheep; annual hiring days for hinds and shearers, and the important fairs for the sale of cattle, sheep, horses, and wool to which people travelled from all over.

The Cross was erected in 1792 on the North side of the Square, where the weekly markets took place. In 1816 the Cross was taken down. It was re-erected in the Public Park in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. But, when the Market Square was redesigned in 1994, it was decided that, once again, the Mercat Cross should be where it had always belonged. And there it stands; well, for the time being, at least!

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