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Family Names
The Home Family

Soon after the Norman invasion of England, the Cospatricks, forbears of the Homes, moved into the area, from across the border, where they had been the Saxon Earls of Northumbria. They settled at Dunbar, and being in favour with the Scottish King soon built up their holdings in the East. It is from these Earls of Dunbar and March that the Homes are descended. The Homes built towers to protect their properties which were in the keeping of various family members. Sons, on reaching adulthood, or more often, on marriage, were given lands and a house. By the start of the 16th century, the Homes had gained titled status in Scotland, the 1st Lord Home appearing in 1473.

They were a warlike family, who never failed to protect their land and people, and so it was natural that the family should become Wardens of the East March, charged with keeping the English at bay. The family seat had moved from Hume Castle to the Hirsel about 1610, and there it stays today. After Patrick Hume, who fought the English in the 1500's, the most well-known is, probably, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, who became the British Prime Minister in 1963.

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