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History of Duns
Old Buildings

The Working Men's

Working Men's Institute - Situated on the North side of Market Square, this building, architecturally, is very different from most of the others around it. From the first floor upwards, it is very ornate, with a Dutch gable and columns. The gable is decorated with the name and the date, 1877, proudly displayed, alongside a crested shield and banner. On either side there are gabled dormer windows.

Originally set up as a meeting place for the working men of the town, today it is the home of the Borders Talking Newspaper and the Duns studio of the BBC.

Pavilion Lodge - This lodge is situated close to the site of the cottage in which John Duns Scotus is reputed to have been born. In front is the cairn which was erected in 1966 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of his birth. The lodge, which dates from the 1770's, has a gothic arch linking the towers which form the entrance.

Pavilion Lodge

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