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Duns Guestbook

Your New Guestbook

01 This is our new guestbook, through which we wish to link all those from Duns worldwide, and those who care about them. The site is pre-moderated, so your message will not appear instantly. Normally next day. The Borders Family History Society has recently set up a website. We are pleased to provide a link: Borders Family History Society ... [more]


Lost Contact with Joy Burton from Duns

Lost Contact with Joy Burton from Duns Nicole from Texas has lost contact with Joy, who was working in a Charity Shop in Duns, and would like to know how she is. Would Joy or anyone who can update Nicole, please contact her. Email: okaretta@gmail.com ... [more]


Clinkscale Family

86 Country: United States of America Enquiry: Hello. I am a descendant of John Clenskall from Duns. (Our family in the USA uses the spelling \"Clinkscales\".) I came across this site and thought I might like to look at everyone else\'s comments. I would also welcome any hints on how to best go about finding my family\'s history before his birth. Also, I would lik ... [more]


Calling Jonathan Mantle

Jonathan Your e-mail used on site no longer works. As someone from Kenya is trying to contact you could you please update the website by using the contact button or contact Penny direct. Thanks Duns Webmaster ... [more]


Mac Watt Search

85 Country: Kenya Enquiry: I am looking for my relatives who are all buried in Duns, Berwickshire. Family name is MacWatt and my Great Great grandfather and Great Grandfather were both doctors. The family home was in Duns although I am not sure where. I just wish to know where they are buried. Penelope Jauss Email: penny@canonpointfishing.com Phone: +254 722 411218 Address: ... [more]


Still Seeking Tam Dunse

84 Country: United Kingdom Enquiry: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tam Dunse? Name: John Anderson Email: ja42rm@gmail.com Phone: 01724762921 ... [more]


Seeking Tam Dunse

83 Country: United Kingdom Enquiry: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tam Dunse who joined the Royal Marines in 1958? John Anderson Email: ja42rm@gmail.com Phone: 01724762921 ... [more]


Chrinside Enquiry

82 Country: New Zealand Enquiry: I am interested in any information about Station Cottages, Chirnside and the people who lived there in the 1940s and 1950s. Pam Boyd Email: wellington@nzpfu.org.nz ... [more]


An Isla Grant Fan Calls

81 Country: USA Enquiry: I love Your Country and My Favorite Singer "Isla Grant" lives there, What an Awesome Lady, singer, song writer and Friend. May God always Bless You. Name: John Chisum Email: jchisum@sw.rr.com ... [more]


Foreman of Duns

80 Country: Australia Enquiry: Searching for any relatives of William Tunnah Foreman I was born 4/1/1941 at the Knoll Duns. My mother was louvain Florence and my father's sisters were Lizzie & Lottie Foreman. I am fairly certain we lived in the Close in Duns. Hazel Elizabeth Culbert /Nee Foreman Email: peach43@optusnet.com.au ... [more]


A Duns Ancestor

79 Country: United States Enquiry: Just looking at the history of the town, as my 2nd great grandfather (William Brown) was born there about 1814. Michael Walsh Email: michaelma53@gmail.com Phone: 001-413-326-0667 ... [more]


Calling All Hays

78 Country: Kerrville, Texas, USA Enquiry: Hello, we are the American branch of the clan Hay. My Great Grandfather was George Alexander Hay. For many generations there have been not any male heirs in my family, my son has taken my Clans' last name. We trace our roots back to St.Lo, Normandy, the original family name was Beaucoudray-De La Hay. Would love to hear from anyone in our c ... [more]


Helen Knowles - Have you any knowledge?

77 Country: Scotland Enquiry: I wonder if anyone could help me. I am trying to find the possible burial place of my Grandmother, Helen Knowles (nee\' Alexander) previously Begg. My mother is tracing her family history after some 50 odd years of knowing nothing and has a possible previous address at 11 Norris Close, Duns... I believe she may have died in 1998. My mother dearly wants t ... [more]


Space Required. Can you help?

76 Country: Northumberland Enquiry: Looking for space to rent for two days per week, require storage within this letting space. Used to accommodate a maximum of 10 people for 50 weeks of the year in central Duns. Name: Melanie Deans Email: melaniedeans@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 01890 820470 Address: 5 Mardon Farm Cottages Cornhill on Tweed Can anyone help? ... [more]


Richard Remembers Johnno

75 Country: New Zealand I stayed in Duns way back in 1977 as a guest of Johnno Hesketh. An awesome experience. Richard Clark Email: kiwicafe@me.com ... [more]


Hendersons of Chirnside

74 I am researching George Henderson , the doctor from Chirnside. He is my 3rd great grandfather and his daughter Agnes Renton Henderson married George Thomas Parker at Chirnside about 1870. Any information would be greatly appreciated or any relatives who are still in or around Chirnside. Granville Parker Email: Parkergranville@gmail.com ... [more]


Crawfords of Chirnside

73 Country: Australia Enquiry: Hi, I'm doing my family tree CRAWFORD. My mum Violet said when she was little she lived next door to the paper mill in Chirnside. My Grandparent worked at the mill, Thomas Victor Crawford. My grandmother was Edith Rae. My aunt's last name Learmonth. Do I have any relatives that still around there? Susan Smith Email: suzzie2411@hotmail.com ... [more]


Jim Clark - Rick's Hero

72 To any and all who loved Jim Clark As a young boy searching for heroes & role models and I found one in Jim Clark. My first car was a Highland Green Mustang and when I drove it I imagined I was Jim. 40 Yrs later I found a 2008 Mustang Highland Green and I imagine I am Jim Clark. On the dash board there's a plate. Engraved on this plate it says, "In Loving Memory of Jim ... [more]


Jim Clark

71 Address: 1010 Maltby ave. S. Plainfield, New Jersey 07080 Country: USA Enquiry: I wish to send my appreciation to the sisters of Jim Clark for the true hero he's been to me since 1964. If there's a way to contact them please let me know. In Loving Respect, Rick Collins ... [more]


Youngs and Dodds from Duns

70 Country: Australia Enquiry: Looking forward to visiting Duns late August to see where my family came from. James Young first moved to Duns in 1804. He married Margaret Craick about 1804 and they lived in Newtown and had 3 boys, John, James and Andrew, my g g grandfather. They were a farming family. Also looking for Dodds family. Robert Dodds was born in Duns abt 1792 and became a ... [more]


Steve Barrand and Duns

69 Country: Australia Enquiry: I have visited Duns on 3 occasions and find the town to be friendly and welcoming. The castle, the walks and the way the town is set out I enjoy everything about the place. My wife's cousin lives in Preston (3 miles from Duns) and also love the place. I will be back to visit again. Steve Barrand ... [more]


Andersons & Whiteheads in Chirnside

68 Country: scotland Enquiry: Looking for any information regarding Anderson and Whitehead families in and around Chirnside 1948/50. Some may have worked in paper mill. Dave Hobbs Email: dave.hobbs58@gmail.com Phone: 01333 301193 ... [more]


Alan Bennett in UAE

67 Country: Abu Dhabi UAE Enquiry: Would welcome contact from any schoolfriends from Duns Primary School in late 50s All the best Alan Name: Alan Bennett Email: alanbennett4@hotmail.com Phone: 00971 504569330 ... [more]


Marion Halliday

66 Country: England Enquiry: My late mother MARION HALLIDAY was a boarding pupil at Duns from about 1925. She had won a scholarship, I believe. Has anyone any more information about her please? Name: Frances Meston Email: gnfmeston@supanet.com ... [more]


Duns during WW2 - Can you Help?

65 Country: SCOTLAND/ST ANDREWS Phone: 01334 470599 Country: SCOTLAND/ST ANDREWS Enquiry: Great site and an excellent dedication to Duns: I'm researching the following people who lived in Duns during WW2, all are dead now, but I'm looking for their relatives; Anyone recognise these names? G.BURT PETER AITCHESON ANDREW FORTUNE (Cheeklaw) W. FORREST R.SIMM RALPH BUGLASS ... [more]


More re Stoddart

64 Country: australia Name: dale stoddart Phone: 0432234286 Enquiry: Anything from or about stoddarts of scotland Email: dalestoddart777@gmail.com ... [more]


Stoddarts of Duns

63 Country: Australia Enquiry: I am an ancestor of Peter Stoddart and would appreciate anything on him. Dale Stoddart Email: dalestoddart777@gmail.com ... [more]


Name - Briery Baulk - Origins?

62 Country: Scotland Enquiry: I am trying to find out the origins of the place name Briery Baulk in Duns, can anyone enlighten me please? Lisa Fitzgerald Phone: 01890 781809 ... [more]


Duns Appeals to James Brown

61 Country: England Comment I have not visited there yet, but I would very much like to, it seems so pleasant and restful. Name: James A Brown Email: brownja@parliament.uk ... [more]


Keena was at BHS

60 Country: england Hi, I went to BHS, left 1969. I saw their new school, looks very good. I did enjoy my time there Keena Millar Email: keenamillar@hotmail.co.uk Phone: 01737249248 ... [more]


Grateful USA

59 Country: USA Enquiry: Just surfing the net. I love all things British Isles and yes, Irish too. Was thinking about Jim Clark and thought I would visit your site. Have a nice day. Enjoyed your website, Thank You. Cecil Perkins Email: jperk3333@comcast.net ... [more]


The Horn Inn, Duns

58 Country: Australia Enquiry: The youngest brother (David) of my great grandfather Adam Black operated The Horn Inn in the late 1890's with his wife Jessie. Does anyone have any information, history, photos etc of the inn? (I have one only - from the outside) John F Black Email: johnfblack@bigpond.com ... [more]


Laidlaw's Mills

57 Enquiry: Does anyone know anything about Laidlaw's Blanket and Tweed Mills Ltd which was based in Duns- not sure when. Margaret Bird Email: mbird@worship124.freeserve.co.uk ... [more]


Nessie Loves Duns

56 Country: Germany Enquiry: I love this town. I once lived here because of my work. I wish to visit this place sometime, and stay there a little bit longer to experience the warmth of the people living here, to breath more fresh air, and to appreciate the beauty of nature. Nessie Hild Email: nicetash@email.de ... [more]


Home Anderson

55 Country: England Upon researching my family tree, namely the Anderson side (my great grandmother) the name Home Anderson birthdate c1760. He married a Christain Virtue c1774. They had 5 children the youngest also called Home was born at Duns in 1792. I wondered that as Home is an old name from Duns that these ancestors of mine could have been related somehow. (Probably illegitimate) ... [more]


The Old Berwickshire High

54 I am currently conducting dissertation research for Heriot Watt university and I would be interested in speaking to people who attended Berwickshire High School at the old site for their views of the school's condition over the last few years and also their opinions on the council's option for transferring Duns Primary School to the old high school site following refurbishment. If an ... [more]


Can you help Roberto?

53 Cerro de la venada sn Guanajuato gto 36050 Mexico Comments: I would like to contact Alexander Brydon and his sister Karen. I met them in 1980. Please help me to locate the address or email. Roberto Contreras Email: rcontreras@conacyt.mx ... [more]


William Robert Fergie - Can You Help?

52 Country: Belgium Comments: Hello, I was wondering if somebody can help me finding the ex-husband of my aunt who lived in Duns. My aunt hopes that he is still alive. His name is Fergie William Robert and 83 years old. If you can help me, please contact me. Best regards, Jurgen Triest Email: jurgentriest@hotmail.com Address: Moorselbaan 135 bus 32 Town: Aalst Postcode: 9300 ... [more]


Christine Patterson of Duns - Can You Help?

51 Comments: Trying to contact Christine Patterson. I believe her father was a baker in Duns. She attended art college in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1969. Liz Avery Email: lyne.elizabeth@Yahoo.co.uk ... [more]


Do you Remember the Walkinshaws?

50 Country: USA Comments: I am wondering if anyone remembers my grandparents, Tom and Janet Walkinshaw. I spent the happiest times in my childhood at Duns. I believe my grandad was the gardener at the "big house". Carol McPherson Email: demi96815@yahoo.com Telephone: 1 (808) 551-4892 Address1: 98-715 Iho Place, Aiea, Hawaii. 96701 Country: USA ... [more]


Daylen Duns seeks Family History

49 Country: Canada Comments: Hello, I am trying to find out about the history of my family. Daylen Duns daylen7@hotmail.com ... [more]


Craiks of Crumstane and Grueldykes

48 Country: Canada Comments: My great-great grandfather left Duns,Scotland in 1831. His name was Robert Craik. Some old family records show that he lived at Crumstane and Grueldykes. Are these last two places the names of actual villages, or would they be private estates? He was hired by a wealthy land owner to build a home in Upper Canada . On completion of the project he was given a plot of la ... [more]


Askew House and Mrs Cockburn

47 Country: Australia Comments: We have a letter written to Mrs Cockburn at Askew? House Duns in 1778. It was written by her son in London and he is very concerned about his family. Would anyone be able to tell me if there is/was a place called Askew House in Duns at that time, and would anyone be interested in seeing a scan of the letter, or a transcript? Best wishes from Down-under. Eunice ... [more]


Roberta Conteras seeks the Brydon Family

46 Country: Mexico Comments: I would like to contact an old friend Alexander Brydon, his mother and his sister Karen. I visited Duns several times from 1977 to 1981 and I really love that place. I would like to go back in very near future, and drink a pint of beer at Black Swan. Roberto Contreras Email: rcontreras490@yahoo.es ... [more]


Our Lady Immaculate and St. Margaret ,Duns

45 Country: Scotland Comments: Today 8th. November. Celebration of John Duns Scotus in the Catholic Church. The Website of Duns Border Net is very attractive. We direct our visitors to Duns for the great interest of John Duns Scotus. I note, "The Duns Bordernet Website has a Link for Duns and its Churches. As with many country areas, Duns has had its full range of churches". Curiou ... [more]


Monaghans from Duns

44 Country: England Comments: MONAGHANS FROM DUNS I've been tracing my ancestors who came to Duns from Ireland in about 1850, and moved down to Newcastle in 1902. I think they may have lived at Crumstane Farm, but would be grateful for any information that anyone may have. Don Gunning don.gunning@blueyonder.co.uk; ... [more]


Ninian Davidson - Clockmaker of Duns

43 Country: England Comments: I have a grandfather clock that was made by Ninian Davidson in Duns around 1810. I know there was a clock shop, the Cherry Tree, in the town when I came through about 15 years ago, but does anybody else have a clock made in Duns, or know about Ninian Davidson? Tony Summers tonyandsybil@tesco.net ... [more]


Julia Loves Duns

42 Country: Scotland,Fife Comments: My daughter Julia has Duns in her thoughts all the time. Its such a beautiful place. She hopes to visit again one day when she is older. Collette Sherriffs collettehrlm@aol.com ... [more]


Does Linda know Gareth?

41 Country: England Comments: Hi its a beautiful little town you have there. I was wondering if there is a girl called Linda Bell lives around there somewhere. Gareth Harrison gazhazy2k3@hotmail.com ... [more]


Dr Richard Furness on his Journey

40 Country: Gloucestershire UK Comments: Good evening Duns. I am writing an artists tour of Scotland and have almost completed the first chapter. I am now at Duns on the way up the coast to Edinburgh, so I will be able to give the town a little bit of publicity. I am including railway posters to show the beauty of the Borders region. I have used the old county names of Roxburgh, Selkirk, ... [more]


Ford Family from Duns

39 Country: United States Comments: My ancestors in the 19th Century include the Ford family from Duns area. This includes my GGGF William Ford, a grocer in Duns 1860~1890, his brother John (a draper who lived at No 6 The Clouds), and sister Elizabeth Crawford, whose husband was a baker all his life in Duns. Their father John was land steward at Swinton House circa 1840. If there are any d ... [more]


Calling Bryan Bellwood

38 Comments: I am trying to find an old friend of mine, born in Duns, named Bryan Bellwood. I met him during the sixties when he got married to a very nice girl, also from Duns, called Margaret. Since Duns is a small and lovely place I hope some one there will be able to help me. I am living in Barcelona, Spain at present. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Moris ... [more]


Duns is the Best! (Duns Dings A')

37 country: Scotland comments: We visited Duns yesterday for the first time and thought it was brilliant! We are looking for places to stay down in the Borders since we want to move there from East Lothian because the house prices are much cheaper and now I know that Duns is the place I want to stay. I have lived over the west coast of Scotland most of my life and I find the east coast so ... [more]


Message from Poland

36 country: Poland comments: It is a great pleasure to see Duns website! It is very useful to find local and tourist info. Jack Pogorzelski (pogojacek@hotmail.com) ... [more]


Duns Ancestry of Anthony Maughan

35 country: England comments: Found out that my 4xgrt grandfather William Whitehead, parents, George & Alison(nee Brown) came from Duns. I will definitely visit the next time I visit my son, who lives in Edinburgh. Anthony Maughan ... [more]


Another Duns Family

34 country: Canada - Ontario - St. Catharines comments: I am just at the beginning of my journey to trace my historical roots on my father's side. I look forward to finding out all I can about Duns. Bruce Duns (bruce.duns088@sympatico.ca) ... [more]


The Duns Family

33 country: Canada comments: Looking to obtain more details for our family tree. My father was born in South Shields, England in 1891, having six brothers and no sisters. My grandfather also John Duns, was born in 1855 and married Ann Stewart Gardner of Scotland. Any information would be greatly appreciated. John B. Duns (jduns@shaw.ca) ... [more]


Patterson of Duns - Can You Help?

32 country: England comments: William 1815 2x Great Grandfather James 14/3/1788 3x Great Grandfather John 1768 4 Great Grandfather Robert 10/2/1732 5x Great Grandfather John 1684 6x Great Grandfather All these Patterson`s were Born at Duns. If you have any information I would love to hear from you. Dennis Patterson-Haig (pattersonhaig@aol.com) ... [more]


Concerned of Duns?

31 country: Scotland comments: Duns is great but too many kids wandering the streets at night E Wilson ... [more]


Andersons and Blacks from Duns and Edrom



Duns Scotus and Cologne

29 country: Germany comments: Hello all interested friends from Dun, sorry my bad Scot language, but I write from Germany. Duns is a very interesting place example the great man Johannes Scotus,named John Scotus or Duns Scotus. (ca.1266 - 1308 ) Many people knows that this man, was a great Theologe in the middle age, teaching in Paris and the town Cologne (Köln). Grounded the Scotism ... [more]


Come on over David!

28 country: USA comments: Nice Site...would like to visit some day. David Braight Holmes ... [more]


Gillies Family - From Duns to Oz

27 country: australia comments: Hi! Just to say, Hi! We moved to Australia from Duns. Gillies family (gillies25@bigpond.com) ... [more]


Coming to Duns in 2007

26 country: ireland comments: looks beautiful we plan to visit sept 07 patricia palmer ... [more]


Ian Mitchell from Australia

25 country: Australia comments: Hello My friend, Ian Tweedie Mitchell, and my partner have just had a lovely meal and few beers - just viewed your web page looking for at Ian's old home town in Duns. He hasn't been back home for 39 years. Do you recognise his name? Did any on your contacts work at the mills? Any how - great web page. We enjoyed hearing Ian's stori ... [more]


Gibson from Duns

24 country: Manchester England comments: My grandad and all his family came from Duns. The last person I can remember was an Isabella in the 1970s. I have a picture of her. My grandad was called William Gibson with a brother called Charles born in the 1870s. I would like to hear from anyone who knows of this family Alan Gibson (alan@gibbo44.fsnet.co.uk) ... [more]


Jim Clark Trail Enquiry

23 country: South Africa comments: I intend visiting the town closest to where Jim Clark lived at Edington Mains (I thinks the name was). Is there a "Jim Clark trail or anything like it"? Finally I'd love to have a chat with some of his friends who can give me more details on Jim himself. ANDREW CARTER (andrewc@gillmich.co.za) ... [more]


The Lamb Family of Dunse

22 country: Australia comments: My ancestors David and Elizabeth Lamb were from Dunse. David was the precentor of the West Presbyterian Church in the l800s. They had a daughter Euphemia who is my great great grandmother. She married Thomas Henderson and migrated to Australia in the 1880s with her children Robert, Mary and Ann. Would love to hear from any descendants of David and Eliz ... [more]


The Craik Family from Duns

21 country: Canada comments: My great-great-great grandfather and grandmother were from Duns. James Craik (b. abt 1777) m. Agnes Thomson on June 3, 1811. He was from Cheekslaw and she was from Crumstane. After they were married they lived at Grueldykes. The family emigrated to Canada in 1827. There are several Craik families from the Duns area. I'd love to hear from them. C ... [more]


Waits & Lockies of Duns

20 country: Huntington,York comments: I have recently found your web site and it brought back many memories of visits to Duns with my parents James & Elizabeth Wait (nee Lockie), visiting my maternal grandparents James Hart Lockie and Catherine (nee Brown). They had a shop in Newtown St, also my uncle James Brown who lived in Easter St. I took my husband there in the 60's to visit ... [more]


Ligates from Duns

19 country: USA, Texas comments: My ancestors (Ligate) were from here and I just thought I'd check out were they came from via internet! Shea Brown (mrsshae@sbcglobal.net) ... [more]


Duns - There's No Place LIke Home!

18 country: DUNS comments: Hey, Duns is a lovely place to live. I love it! Amy ... [more]


Approval from USA.

17 country: United States comments: Good service Frank Johnson ... [more]


Haigs in Duns

16 country: north wales comments: Thank you. It was lovely to have a look around Duns. It has brought the name to life. I have been doing my Husbands family history. So far I have traced a hundred years of John Haigs being born in Duns. From 1757-1854 when the family moved to Cheshire. I know John Haig B1796 died in Murray Street. This was recorded in Duns. I wonder can someone tell me, ... [more]


Bill Taylor Remembers

15 country: UK comments: Just found this site. I was born in the Horn Inn, which my grandmother(Margaret RENTON)owned, in 1951. My uncle Bill RENTON worked in Duns at Andersons Coal merchants. Bill TAYLOR ... [more]


Duns is Appreciated!

14 country: Scotland comments: Its such a beautiful place to visit..the people are so lovely. Wish I could live there. collette mc connell (collettebluesky@yahoo.com) ... [more]


The MacWatts Remembered

13 country: Great Britain comments: My paternal family, the MacWatts, lived for three generations in the large stone house at the other end of the town from the Jim Clark Room. The house became a hospital in the 1920s and 1930s. They were doctors and had a strong association with India - my great-great Uncle Sir Charles MacWatt, became Surgeon-General of the Indian Army. His photograph hangs ... [more]


Jim Clark Remembered

12 country: Switzerland comments: Remembering Jim Clark Planning to visit your lovely place in summer next year. Especially interested in anything about the late great Champion Jim Clark Fabio Vannoni ... [more]


USA Coming Over to Duns!

11. country: USA comments: Visiting family this summer. Was hoping to find information about the Reivers Festival. Julie Wilcke ... [more]


Jim Clark Remembered by Dougie MacKenzie

10 country: USA comments: I had the great good fortune to see Jimmy Clark race-at the 1966 Indy 500,where he finished a close second to Graham Hill,and in the 1966 German Grand Prix,which Jack Brabham won. My girlfriend Welby Cox and I made the pilgrimage from Duns to Chirnside. You dour Scots wouldn't give us a lift-and to think my great-grandfather Hugh was from Aberdeen!! There'l ... [more]


Greetings from Major Kemp

09 country: England comments: Duns, the home of my close family, I have enjoyed your website and will visit soon. Good health to the Gillie family which does of course include the Frazers. Major John F Kemp MBE (Kempkempjfk@aol.com) ... [more]


Isabella Purves from Duns

08 country: Canada comments: I am interested in Duns because my grandmother was born there in 1880, her name being Isabella Purves. She later made her way to Canada. I Dillabough (idillabo@hotmail.com) ... [more]


Cowies from New Zealand

07 country: New Zealand comments: Hello there I am doing the family Tree and have been led back to Edrom in the 1700's by some retour papers to claim an inheritance in Chirnside. The family name - Cow, Cowe and Cowie having undergone changes in the ensuing centuries. Also the name Murray which is spelt as Murry in some instances. Have enjoyed your website as it gives me some ide ... [more]


Dun Family

06 country: United Kingdom. comments: Just taking a look around your interesting site and I wondered if I should extend my genealogy searches to the Scottish Borders rather than from Montrose where my Dun family lived for decades back to 1745. I'm firmly cemented into a brick wall for earlier records. Janet Dun ... [more]


Easter Street in favour

05 country: England comments: What a really nice place to visit. A friend of mine has just bought a lodge in Easter Street. What a lovely location it is set in. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it,the village that is. It's really nice. Andrew Helyer (helyerlowrider@aol.com) ... [more]


Visiting Duns

04. country: USA comments: Planning a holiday in Scotland this autumn. Will definitely make a pilgrimage to the Jim Clark Room in Duns. John Vincent (john@vincentmccabe.com) ... [more]


A Message from across the Sea

03 country: USA comments: My family was associated with the Home clan and I am interested in the ancestry Jocelyn Nesbitt (jossen13@hotmail.com) ... [more]


Alana Remembers Jim Clark

02 country: Scotland comments: So lovely to view this quaint town again on so poignant a day; this being the 37th anniversary of the death of the Great Jim Clark. I am so looking forward to visting in June and renewing old acquaintances . Alana Blake-Owens ... [more]



... [more]


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