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Your New Guestbook

01 This is our new guestbook, through which we wish to link all those from Duns worldwide, and those who care about them. The site is pre-moderated, so your message will not appear instantly. Normally next day. The Borders Family History Society has recently set up a website. We are pleased to provide a link: Borders Family History Society ... [more]


Lost Contact with Joy Burton from Duns

Lost Contact with Joy Burton from Duns Nicole from Texas has lost contact with Joy, who was working in a Charity Shop in Duns, and would like to know how she is. Would Joy or anyone who can update Nicole, please contact her. Email: okaretta@gmail.com ... [more]


Clinkscale Family

86 Country: United States of America Enquiry: Hello. I am a descendant of John Clenskall from Duns. (Our family in the USA uses the spelling \"Clinkscales\".) I came across this site and thought I might like to look at everyone else\'s comments. I would also welcome any hints on how to best go about finding my family\'s history before his birth. Also, I would lik ... [more]


Calling Jonathan Mantle

Jonathan Your e-mail used on site no longer works. As someone from Kenya is trying to contact you could you please update the website by using the contact button or contact Penny direct. Thanks Duns Webmaster ... [more]


Mac Watt Search

85 Country: Kenya Enquiry: I am looking for my relatives who are all buried in Duns, Berwickshire. Family name is MacWatt and my Great Great grandfather and Great Grandfather were both doctors. The family home was in Duns although I am not sure where. I just wish to know where they are buried. Penelope Jauss Email: penny@canonpointfishing.com Phone: +254 722 411218 Address: ... [more]


Still Seeking Tam Dunse

84 Country: United Kingdom Enquiry: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tam Dunse? Name: John Anderson Email: ja42rm@gmail.com Phone: 01724762921 ... [more]


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Duns Guestbook

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